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How my “Commode” opened my ass!

When one of my fans emailed me about adding the commode to my wishlist so he could buy it for a video clip he requested, I was like okay, Kool!

When I got the commode I was super excited to set it up and have it in my bedroom. I placed it in an area in front of one of my closets that I keep stuff for production in. When I look over at my commode all I can picture is the day a guy will lay on the floor as I use my commode above his head. It is my pleasure to create a mess on a clean face and body. While I am no strange to golden or brown showers, I am just popping my cherry with doing such acts on a commode!
After having my Commode for maybe a full week, I have made a few video clips that left my room smelling like pure shit. Would you be so sweet and go to my wishlist and get me some air fresheners? Click here!

I have made clips of me giving a messy shit after eating Chipotle, Shitting out a frank, Birthing an egg out my vagina, and much more to come. I just feel like putting all types of stuff in my belly and my ass so that it can be shitted out while sitting like a Queen on my commode.Commode3

I am launching a new clip store where these videos can be purchased and watched. Until then you can check out my clips 4 sale store. Click Here!

Send all video request to:



Beverly Blue Clips 4 Sale store OPEN!!!


If I was to tell you all when I signed up for a clips4sale store online and then you seen how long I never launched it, You’d know yesterday was a big day for me. Yesterday I launched my clips4sale store after having it for 5 years. It was like the clouds of heaven opened when I clicked my store link and it was active. Let me not forget what was the real heaven on earth….  Waking up this morning and seeing that I had 4 clips sold. Oh sweet heaven, The angels love Ms.Blue!

My clips4sale store will be used to bring you random fetish styled clips that I actually enjoy and have fun doing. Most of the clips will be home made but here and there I will make sure to bring some high quality clips that will be sure to blow your mind. I look forward to having a few featured models and talent in my store also. I seem to be getting a bigger following in the BDSM community so I’ll bring some of those scenes to my store as well.

Don’t think you wont see me sucking a cock or two in my store. Who says dick isn’t a fetish? It is a fetish if I’m sucking a dick and squirting breast milk with it! I drink milk, Who doesn’t?

As I am a fun girl, I am very open to your fun, creative views and request. Please don’t hesitate and let me know what floats your boat. Send me a clip request today at: (Subject:Clips4sale).

Thank you so much for your support and love. :)

Why I got over 150,000 views on Youtube? Big Black ASS!!

Watch BBW adult star, Beverly Blue SHAKE all her 380 pounds! You have never seen 380 pounds look so yummy! Look out for the new BBW adult entertainment fetish and porn site


For all bookings and video request Email me:


39 Seconds of my ASS can cause an earth quake!

Blue “Freakz” it with a 3 some as her first!



On March 17th, 2012, Beverly Blue, Drama Editer Filmz and friends held a successful Video/ Photo shoot in Brooklyn N.Y. The cast of the night were: Beverly Blue, Gigi Star and Male porn actor Unique. 

Beverly Blue engaged in her first official 3 some!!! Bev rocked the 3 some with her face burried in Gigi Stars huge twat while Unique pounded Beverly with meaty black cock and hard core strokes.

To end the night Beverly Shakes her huge black ass on the balcony over New York over 20 stories up high…. Beverly shakes and says:…. #TeamDrama all day.

When and where can you see this footage? Very soon on



We Like Um Big by Lalo the Don (Bev.Blue Cameo)

Finally, I have come to a point in my life where I am investing 1000% into my adult content pay site. I’ve been talking the talk for years but I have never put in 1000% to walk the walk. I have always been half stepping with my successful launching of a pay site but in 2012, I will not be unsuccessful again. I am working very hard behind the scenes with my web designer and I have a bunch of video and photo shoots coming up in February so I can have a good amount of content to show my fans and all BBW/SSBBW fans across the globe.

If you know a BBW/SSBBW who you feel is hott enough to be on my site or if you are in the industry already and wish to do content exchange, Or if you have a video scene request please emailme:

I am here. No brakes. No bullshit.

1000% Beverly Blue for you!

Upcoming Site.

Soon to launch!

1st Photoshoot of 2012

1st Photoshoot of 2012

Jan. 13, 2012 Video & Photoshoot with Miguel “Lalo” Perez.

The Love Triangle

Beverly Blue Visits Tampa, Florida

I had a blast visiting Tampa, Florida in the months of January and February.
I didn’t go to too many places out there but I did eat great at Chilis and The Waffle House. I went shopping for a few things and saw the movie “Big Mamas House”. I wasn’t to thrilled with the movie but shopping was great!

I met a bunch of fun guys who really appreciated a woman as sexy as I am. I had a lucky guy over for some private after hours fun. He looked just like Stone Cold Steve Austin the wrestler. He was very orally talented and of course after he left my room my sheets were soaked!!!

Tonight I fly back to New York City where it’s probably cold as fuck as it’s been for months….

But just know that my heart will stay here in Tampa, FL where I write this blog at right now!



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