How my “Commode” opened my ass!

When one of my fans emailed me about adding the commode to my wishlist so he could buy it for a video clip he requested, I was like okay, Kool!

When I got the commode I was super excited to set it up and have it in my bedroom. I placed it in an area in front of one of my closets that I keep stuff for production in. When I look over at my commode all I can picture is the day a guy will lay on the floor as I use my commode above his head. It is my pleasure to create a mess on a clean face and body. While I am no strange to golden or brown showers, I am just popping my cherry with doing such acts on a commode!
After having my Commode for maybe a full week, I have made a few video clips that left my room smelling like pure shit. Would you be so sweet and go to my wishlist and get me some air fresheners? Click here!

I have made clips of me giving a messy shit after eating Chipotle, Shitting out a frank, Birthing an egg out my vagina, and much more to come. I just feel like putting all types of stuff in my belly and my ass so that it can be shitted out while sitting like a Queen on my commode.Commode3

I am launching a new clip store where these videos can be purchased and watched. Until then you can check out my clips 4 sale store. Click Here!

Send all video request to:



Beverly Blue’s Fetish TRUTH!

I remember when I didn’t know anything about escorting and then one day I was fucking the whole New York like a porn star. As I met many different guys who enjoyed my companionship in different ways, There was always a twist to the time we spent together. Guys who met me was amazed by my beauty and hypnotized by luscious heavy weight figure.

While they fantasized about how good it would feel to fuck a tight black cunt, It expanded there minds to want to try other things.  With my open-minded personality, My clients knew they could be comfortable enough to express any and all of there fantasies and wishes.
After 7 years of being in the Adult Entertainment Industry, I am proud to say that I have yet to be grossed out by any of my acts. Here are a few of the things that I have tried:

—Trampling (Walking on a guy while he laid on the floor)
—Butt Drops (Guy lays down and I use my butt to drop on him)
—Strap On (I strap on my dildo and fuck guys in the ass)
—Spankings (Guy lays on my lap and I spank them with a belt or object)
—CBT (Punch, Kick, Squeeze or Stomp on the penis)
—Role Play (Various roles)
—Face Sitting & Smothering: (Sit on your face. Use my body parts to smother you)
(Use my full body and weight to crush you)
—Showers: (Golden, Brown & Red…. You know what this is!)
—Worship: (Guy worship my shoes, feet, body, ass, etc.)
—Food: (I eat the food, cover my body with the food, etc.)
—Toilet: (I used the toilet and then guy eat or drinks from it, Guy drinks the urine as I stand over him)
Lactating: (Guy drink my breast milk or I squirt breast milk on him)
Butt Lovers: (Sniff, Lick or Kiss my ass).
Wrestling: (Wrestle guy and pin him down, Oil wrestling)

Many girlfriends would never understand a mans love for the fetish he is turned on by but i’m guessing it is because many people are not open minded to understanding that we all are unique. We all are different and we all love different things. This world of kink is a special place for people like me who do not judge.  So here is my confession:

I have a true fetish for CUM.

I enjoy having guys taste their own cum, seeing guys cum in the pussy or ass, cream pies and in general large amounts of cum squirting out the dick.  I’m guessing this fetish started a few years ago but I do know it turns me on so much.

Got a video of you cumming and want me to watch? Send it to me @


If you would like to be apart of my next fetish session.

Email me for booking info: (Subject: Booking).


Fall Webcam Show Schedule & Direct Cam Rates.

Join me on:


Hello, to all my kinky, freaky & horny folks.

This fall I have made a schedule for my availability for webcam services.

For starters, Please click the link and sign up for the site that I will be using (Another window will open—Click——> Sign up for FREE!!!

Then visit my page and save me as your favorite:

My schedule is as follows:

—Thursday, Friday and Saturday: 10:30pm until 1am. If things are extra fun, Then I will stay online longer!

For all those who will not be able to see me on cam during those hours, You can book a block of time directly and we can agree to a schedule based on the both of our availability.

The rates for my direct cam services are as follows:

15 Mins: $40

30 Mins: $60

45 Mins: $80

1 Hour: $100

Please send me an email if you are interested in buying a direct cam show. You must have a debit or credit card to process the payment.

Email: (Subject: Cam Show).

***If you have a specific desire, fantasy or theme in mind please email me and let me know. If I do not have the things to accommodate you, I do have a wishlist where you can purchase items and have them discreetly sent to me. Nothing you think of will be of distaste to me, I am 100% open minded to helping you bring your fantasy to life.

***As a gift of appreciation for my services, You are free to browse my wishlist and send me a gift or gift card.   My Wishlist


Beverly Blue Clips 4 Sale store OPEN!!!


If I was to tell you all when I signed up for a clips4sale store online and then you seen how long I never launched it, You’d know yesterday was a big day for me. Yesterday I launched my clips4sale store after having it for 5 years. It was like the clouds of heaven opened when I clicked my store link and it was active. Let me not forget what was the real heaven on earth….  Waking up this morning and seeing that I had 4 clips sold. Oh sweet heaven, The angels love Ms.Blue!

My clips4sale store will be used to bring you random fetish styled clips that I actually enjoy and have fun doing. Most of the clips will be home made but here and there I will make sure to bring some high quality clips that will be sure to blow your mind. I look forward to having a few featured models and talent in my store also. I seem to be getting a bigger following in the BDSM community so I’ll bring some of those scenes to my store as well.

Don’t think you wont see me sucking a cock or two in my store. Who says dick isn’t a fetish? It is a fetish if I’m sucking a dick and squirting breast milk with it! I drink milk, Who doesn’t?

As I am a fun girl, I am very open to your fun, creative views and request. Please don’t hesitate and let me know what floats your boat. Send me a clip request today at: (Subject:Clips4sale).

Thank you so much for your support and love. :)

Babs BBW Summer Jam 2013

Babs BBW Summer Jam 2013

This is a getaway weekend event.
( July 11-14, 2013)

I will be performing.

Please click the photo for more details on this event.

The first time I told a man “Let’s Have Sex”….

~This is a TRUE story~


When I was between the ages of 13-17, I was a teenage lesbian living in New York.

I used to have everything that had the L.G.B.T. Pride rainbow colors on it.

Being a part of the lesbian circle was tough being that I didn’t want my family to know and also being that I knew one day I wanted to be a mother.

I remember telling all my friends when we get to my neighborhood we have to “Get Un-Gay”…. What did that mean?

It meant for me and my friends to take off anything that identified use as lesbians.

I was paranoid like a mother fucker. Rainbow bracelets, shoe strings, suspenders, necklaces, etc… It all had to go!!!

My family really aren’t judgmental people but I was always discrete about my personal business so for me, I didn’t want my lesbian lifestyle exposed to them.

In 2003 At the age of 17 things change…. Curiosity set in.

It was a crazy summer in 2003. I had bad relations with girls and I was in need of a change.

I was tired of dealing with all the short dykes and cheating dykes. I sat down and evaluated my life with women and my life with men.

I had never dated a man but when I went out a lot of guy did try to holla at me.

I realized during this evaluation that more men was interested in me than women and I also realized that the women who wanted me so bad weren’t my type.

I wasn’t that picky but I do have a preference.

So I added that up to the facts that one day I wanted to be a mother and I knew a woman don’t make sperm.

I decided it was time to try men.

I made that choice but it was all a secret because I didn’t have any straight friends to tell this too.


On labor day, My best friend and I decides to go to Eastern Parkway to attend “The West Indian American Day Parade & Carnival”.

I was looking cute in my blue fishnet shirt and blue denim shorts.

The guys was trying to holla and I was ready but I had one problem.

I was with my best friend who is a lesbian.

How do I holla at a man in front of my best friend?

It went just like this….
I saw a tall caramel guy walking in front of me.
He was something I liked.
I told him “I need a man”.
He told me “I’ll be your man”.
He wrote his number down and I took it.
My best friend was looking like “WTF are you doing?”
I  (LOL) and said  “I am throwing it out.”
Yes, I did throw the number out….Right after I remembered it and stored it in my organizer.
So, my bestie was safe to know I was still a lesbian.We continued our day.

It was a week or two before my 18th Birthday (Sept. 26).

I called the guy I met at labor day and found out that he was 19 and he didn’t live too far from me.
I was in college at the time but I told him that we could chill one day after class.

A few days later came and I went to see him. We talked and kicked it.

I became interested in him because he wasn’t all on me or trying to seduce me.
As it got late, I began thinking to myself about how no one knew I was over here with him.

Then he asked me what do I want to do…..

In deep thought, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to take advantage of this secret night.

I responded to his question and said “Let’s have sex”.

Well of course, he didn’t question it. He was a Brooklyn dude that was about to fuck a virgin lesbian. There’s no time for questions and answers aren’t needed!!
I had condoms that I stole from my mom so I nervously went and got them while he went and got candles and turned the lights off.
We both got undressed. I was feeling cold, scared and nervous. I just keep saying to myself “Oh my god. I’m really gonna do this”.
He began licking my pussy. He licked it enough to get my vagina wet.

Then the moment came, He was on top of me sliding his dick into my tight virgin pussy.

I was holding his shoulders with both hands while taking real deep breaths.
His dick felt so big and hard. It was like he was entering a tunnel but the tunnel wasn’t deep enough.

He began to beat my tunnel and I felt every stroke in my stomach.

Just as soon as the beating got full force, It was over. He busted his nut in about 5 Min’s.

We both sat up in the dimmed room against the wall. He was hot and sweaty and had a face of disappointment due to him cumming so quick.

I was shaking with tears dripping in a state of shock. I turned my head so he couldn’t see but here’s where I fucked up.

He asked “Do you want to do it again”…. I said “Yes.”.

Well, that was it. If I didn’t remember that 5 minute episode, I will remember this next episode.

He started this next round by bringing his dick up to my face to get sucked.

I guess he said he might as well teach me to suck dick before I leave.

So, I licked and sucked it enough to get it hard and wet.

Then he laid me down and began a round of fucking that I never will forget.

I don’t even know how long he fucked me but I do remember that the dick was hurting me so much.

I kept pushing his chest off of me because of the pain. Then I kept pulling him closer because of the pleasure.

My pussy was throbbing, cumming and dripping all over his bed.

His dick filled my pussy up and took whatever virginity was left from the previous 5 Min’s.

More tears leaked down the side of my face as I cried out in moans of painful pleasure.
I began hugging on him as he continued to pound my pussy.

This was the moment when I knew that my virginity was gone.

This was also the moment that I knew I loved dick.

I was no longer a virgin.


Can you turn a HOE into a housewife?


While the word “Hoe” is used in the title for this blog post the post is really about: Hoes, Prostitutes, Escorts, Adult Entertainers, Porn Stars and any female in the business of sexual entertainment. But for this post were gonna use the word “Hoe”.

While guys are lusting over beautiful “Hoes” with sexual desires, I hear many guys saying “I want you to myself.” or “Can I be your man?”. When you actually have the opportunity to be with that woman is it that you really want that woman or is it that you just want to fulfill the illusion of “What if she was mines?”. The truth is if she was yours, She would still be fulling fantasies with the guy down the block and around the corner! Are you prepaid to make that hoe, your housewife?

Now every lady isn’t like that. When you meet a hoe you have to watch how she walk, talk, eat and sleep. Do she move like a hoe? Is hoeing her life? Do she bake cookies? Do she visit her grandma in the hospital? Do she have her own home? Do she have custody of her kids? Do she have a husband or pimp? The answers to these questions really matter. Some woman do not know how to do anything besides “Hoeing”.

I’ve met females who wake up in the morning and smoke weed for breakfast and sell pussy for lunch, dinner and desert. Fuck food??? I can not say fuck food for NO ONE!!! Now, don’t get my blog twisted. I am no hater and I am no SQUARE…. Of course not. I am simply explaining my points of view of hoes… My fellow colleagues!


I see a difference in STREET HOES and ENTERTAINMENT HOES….

STREET HOE: A woman who catch tricks outside in the streets/tracks/Hoe stroll, A woman who hoes and gives her money to a pimp aka daddy aka her man, A woman is not a professional hoe on public display.

ENTERTAINMENT HOE: Escorts, Porn stars, Adult Entertainers.

Many of the streets hoes that I’ve met had fucked up backgrounds of family abuse, drug abuse, abandonment, Forster care, being homeless, children taken away, etc. Many of these chicks are still fucked up and they seem to be programed to the life of street hoeing. Entertainment hoes may have the same issues but due to so much “Entertainment” hype her personal background hides often! A street hoe’s pimp can beat the shit out of her and she will still give him all her money and tell him “I love you daddy”…. Now, that is SICK!!


Entertainment hoes are becoming a natural way to hoe for the everyday woman. If you look online you just might see your librarian with her pussy spread on a porn site. Make ya wanna go back to that library? As I do consider myself an entertainment hoe, I’ll explain what I see in me and you can see if you see it in anyone else. I don’t want to compare myself to anyone because many of these bitches have no class and some of them might have robbed you. Hey, some bitches in the Entertainment world are still living like street hoes, Be careful.


I live a normal life at home. I cook breakfast, lunch, dinner. I do laundry, vacuum and I even recycle. I go for walks by the lake and I always go shopping at Walmart.

I enjoy my new neighbor coming over and eating some of my favorites dishes. She loves my cooking already!

I chat with my family and friends during the week and I speak to my best friend every day. My best-friend is named Katwona aka Tamolly. She just launched her first business called “Glamour Queenz” please check out the website:

I know many of you think because you see me with someone in the industry that means they are industry associates. My bestie is not affiliated with this hoe life in any way!

Now, back to me… Yes my life is so Betty Crocker at home… And then the weekend comes! It’s time to transform and transport! lol, Lets Gooooo!

Booty shaking, Dick Sucking, Fuuuuuuck Me!!! Blue Freakzzzzzz comes out and play! Money talks and bullshit walks….No money, no honey!

How does this work? It works for me. I believe in the code of pussy (No Money, No Honey.) but I also believe in the code of life (Enjoy it).

During my week, I enjoy being able to have my own and being able to relax and not worry or struggle. During my weekends I enjoy entertaining people and getting paid. I have a college degree, many other skills and a cosmetic company, so this isnt my only thing to fall back on…. I ACTUALLY ENJOY WHAT I DO!!

In general, It’ll be nice for you guys to turn a school teacher, nurse or church girl into a housewife. I’m sure your parents would be so proud of you.

But in the meantime if you wanna turn a hoe into a housewife, I recommend it be an entertainment hoe. Good Luck!

“It’s not in her nature to be submissive”….

I never stated that “I AM NOT SUBMISSIVE” but recently, I was interacting where I was dealt with in a submissive way and it was like….

Lol, It was nothing too wild but it was enough for me to really take note of the role I enjoy and the role I do not. Light submission including a light booty spanking during sex is fine by me. Now, face slapping, face spitting, bondage and spankings with objects are not okay with me.
And NO, I am not gonna kneel and then crawl to you for you to dip you hanging balls in my mouth! : )

I have a New York urban persona and a Brooklyn attitude. My aggressive ways and dominate ways are pure.
I enjoy being the boss in my personal life and in my business life.
I love to have people cater to me & I love to be spoiled.

I also love to have guys worshiping me, I love to fuck a mouth with my foot, I enjoy guys licking the bottom of my shoes, cleaning my ass with their tongue, laying across my lap as I beat them with a belt, lay on the bed as I beat them with my whip, flogger, paddle, etc. I like to spit in your face while my 380 pounds of big black beauty is on top of you. Infact, crawl for me before I slap your pretty face! I even love the sounds of a man moaning for me as I fuck him in his tight ass with my strap on cock…
Who’s ass is this? IT’S YOUR ASS BEVERLY!

“It’s not in her nature to be submissive”….

My Way

Why I got over 150,000 views on Youtube? Big Black ASS!!

Watch BBW adult star, Beverly Blue SHAKE all her 380 pounds! You have never seen 380 pounds look so yummy! Look out for the new BBW adult entertainment fetish and porn site


For all bookings and video request Email me:


39 Seconds of my ASS can cause an earth quake!

Babs Summer Jam 2012 (July 20-22) ***Fandamonium***

Hey everyone,

I will be at this event in July with a bunch of items to remember me by.

Photos, magazines, outfits, panties and much more of my items will be for sale. Live and discrete one on one entertainment is available.

There is a whole weekend of activities and fun.

Check out

I look forward to our time LIVE!Image





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